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The visionary spirit of past cultures is richly alive in Meath today.

Forget schoolbook history - Meath's past is full of mystery and excitement, tragedy and humour. There are High Kings and scholarly monks, Vikings and Normans, castles and crosses, wise fish and singing stones, magical sagas and fabulous fairytales

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County Meath is famed for any number of what could be regarded as historical footnotes, not least the Book of Kells. The book is a “rare illuminated manuscript”, as the experts call it, now housed in Trinity College Dublin, but created in a County Meath monastery in the early ninth century. However, the book’s purported origins are apocryphal, and it may well have originated on the Scottish isle of Iona.

The people of Kells certainly have every reason to believe that the book was manufactured in the area, however, rich in early Christian architecture as it is.

South of Kells on the famous River Boyne lies Trim, another town rich in medieval architecture. It boasts two cathedrals, two castles, and more besides.

Tara was Ireland’s ancient capital and the Hill of Tara is a site of contentious debate, with lobbyists for years appealing against planning decisions to build a motorway nearby. To say that international bodies recognise Tara as a site of historical interest would be an understatement. High Kings of Ireland retained Tara as their seat for a thousand years. There are various features to check out at the site itself. A visitor centre will set you straight as regards the features on the plain, which look a little like crop circles from a height. There is little by way of physical architecture left at the hill, but a booklet from the visitor’s centre will fill in the gaps and provide you with some idea of the buildings’ shapes when you’re looking at the hill itself.

Bru na Boinne is an ancient site spread over a large area of Meath, containing many pre-Christian monuments. The palace by the Boyne contains fifty ancient monuments. However, many of them are on private land and are therefore not open to the public. Newgrange is the most famous of the ancient sites, with its passage graves and connection to the winter solstice.

General information Meath

County Meath (Contae na Mí or an Mhí in Irish) was named after the historic kingdom and province of Mide (meaning "middle"). Today it sometimes goes by the nickname "The Royal County" due to its history as seat of the ancient High Kings of Ireland. The County Town is Navan, home to the county hall and government, although Trim, the former County Town, has historical significance and remains a sitting place of the circuit court.

Meath has a rich history and there are many site of interest including The Hill of Tara, Castles at Trim, Slane, Dunsany & Killeen, Religious ruins at Trim, Bective, Slane, Dunsany & Skryne, 2500-year-old mound structures at Telltown and the Brú na Bóinne Unesco World Heritage Site.

Accommodation in Meath

Meath provides you an abundance of accommodation options to suit your requirement and your budget. Bed & Breakfast, Guest Houses, Hostels, Hotels and Farm Houses are some of the possible alternatives for your stay in Meath.

Hotels in Meath

Hotels in Meath allow act as a perfect base for exploring both Ireland’s past, thanks to its assortment of historical sits and present thanks to its close proximity to Dublin City. Hotels in Meath include Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa, The Hamlet Court and Newgrange Lodge.

Bed & Breakfast in Meath

Bed & breakfast accommodation in Meath offers you a comfortable and affordable stay along with deliciously cooked breakfast to suit your budget. B&B in Meath includes names such as Aisling B&B ib Ashbourne, The Yellow House in Navan and Beechwood Lodge in Trim.

Meath Restaurants

Meath restaurants serve a variety of modern international dishes and traditional classics. Popular restaurants in Meath include Zucchinis in Navan, Knightsbrook Hotel in Trim and Killeen Castel in Dunshaughlin.

Shopping in Meath

There are loads of shops to explore and browse during your time in Meath. The Royal County has everything from small antique shops and quaint specialist food stores to grand shopping centres such as Navan Shopping Centre with over 70 shops

Meath Car Rental

Car Hire in Meath provides low cost Irish Car Rental with the cheapest rates. Rental locations include Trim Car Hire, Dunboyne Car Hire, Enfield Car Hire, Kilmessan Car Hire and Oldcastle Car Hire.

Meath Golf

Meath has many fine parkland golf courses including Headford Golf Club in Kells, Navan Golf Club and Killeen Castle, venue for the 2011 Solheim Cup.

Attractions Meath Ireland

Bru Na Boinne Centre (Newgrange) - Donore

Located at Donore, this centre is designed to present the archaeological heritage of the Boyne Valley, which includes the megalithic passage tombs of Newgrange and Knowth. Visitors to Newgrange and Knowth must begin their visits at the Visitor Centre. There is no direct access to either of these monuments and access is by guided tour only.

Kells High Crosses - Kells

The Kells High Crosses are decorated with biblical scenes and are regarded as the country's most important crosses. The Market Cross is located at the junction of John Street and Castle Street. Its original location was probably at the entrance to the ancient monastery. The other four crosses are situated in the grounds of Saint Columba's Church. The ninth century South Cross is the oldest, the twelfth century East Cross is also referred to as 'the unfinished' because its decoration is incomplete. The North Cross has been reduced to its base and the 10th century West Cross is the most decorated of the five.

King John's Castle - Trim

Located in Trim, the "Power and the Glory" exhibition brings to reality the lifestyle of Norman times. King John's Castle, built in 1220, is the largest and best preserved Norman Castle in Ireland and was used as a location for the award winning film Braveheart

Loughcrew Corstown - Oldcastle

The Loughcrew Cairns, also known as the Hills of the Witch, are a group of Neolithic passage tombs dating to 3000BC. The tombs are located on three different hills and Cairn T, one of the largest tombs in the complex, is situated on Carnbane East. This tomb has inside a cruciform chamber, a corbelled roof and some of the most beautiful examples of Neolithic art in Ireland. During the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox, people gather at dawn in Cairn T to watch sunlight enter the chamber and illuminate the inside of the tomb.

Newgrange Open Farm - Clane

Located close to Clane, a traditional working farm where you can enjoy a unique hands on experience. Visitors can hold and feed farm animals, view demonstration displays of crops, vintage farm machinery, tractor and trailer rides. There's also a Coffee shop, picnic area and car park.

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