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The spiritual capital of Ireland for 1,500 years and the seat of both Protestant and Catholic archbishops.

Armagh is the most venerated of Irish cities. St Patrick called Armagh 'my sweet hill' and built his stone church on the hill where the Anglican cathedral now stands.
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Armagh Northern Ireland

County Armagh has a history of ardent Republicanism, so it’s not surprising to learn that until recently, it wasn’t the most popular of destinations for visitors to Ireland. However, its history cannot deny the beautiful landscapes to be found there, as well as the architecture found in many of its towns and houses of a significance that history buffs can appreciate. Armagh city was the capital of Ulster in earlier times. It houses both Anglican and Catholic cathedrals, standing on a hill each. The Catholic Cathedral of St Patrick is in the Gothic style. Work on the building was halted during the Famine in the middle of the nineteenth century, not to be completed until 1873 thanks to fundraising and donations. The Anglican cathedral – also called St Patrick’s, confusingly enough, is much older than its Catholic counterpart, being restored in 1765 and holds some statuary worthy of a visit. Nearby, bibliophiles can also discover many an old leatherbound book in the local public library. The County Museum is home to a number of artifacts too. West of Armagh town is Navan Hill fort, from where Ulster kings ruled for a millennium. South of Armagh, you will learn of many legends and myths associated with the fort from the Ti Chulainn Centre in Mullaghbane. Coming back to the more recent past, for some fin de siècle fun, you can check out the Argory, a National Trust house that has maintained its 1900 era look and was built almost a century earlier. It can be found on the M1 motorway. Also along this route is the older Ardress House, a seventeenth century farmhouse cum eighteenth century pile. The farmyard is a good way to keep young children entertained, as the house is also home to a functioning eighteenth century farmyard. The Oxford Island Lough Neagh Discovery Centre in the far north of County Armagh is home to a well of knowledge about the largest lake in the British Isles. Bird watching is actively encouraged.
General information Armagh

County Armagh (from the Irish Ard Mhacha meaning "Macha's height") is one of six counties that form Northern Ireland. Aramagh is adjoined to the south shore of Lough Neagh, Irelands biggest and most beautiful lake. County Armagh has been nicknamed the "Orchard County" because its land is so fertile for apple-growing.

Armagh Town, Craigavon, Lurgan and Portadown are just some of the possible destinations on a trip to County Armagh.

Accommodation in Armagh

Armagh provides you with a plethora of accommodation options to suit your requirement and your budget. Bed & Breakfast, Guest Houses, Hostels, Hotels and Farm Houses are some of the possible alternatives for your stay in Armagh.

Hotels in Armagh

Hotels in Armagh provide convenience and comfort whether you are lounging on the banks of Lough Neagh or exploring Northern Ireland. Armagh’s range of hotels includes The Charlemont Arms Hotel in Armagh Town and Seagoe hotel in Portadown.

Bed & Breakfast in Armagh

The Bed & breakfasts of Armagh provide you with a comfortable and affordable stay along with deliciously cooked breakfast to suit your pocket. B&B in Armagh includes names such as Birches Guest House in Portadown and Hillview Lodge in Armagh Town.

Armagh Restaurants

Armagh restaurants serve everything from a quick sandwich, to a tasty lasagna, to a full on carvery lunch. Popular restaurants in Armagh include The Friary Restaurant in Armagh town.

Shopping in Armagh

Visitors will be pleased to discover that shopping in Armagh ranges international chains to independent shops and boutiques for more unique purchases. Newry is known throughout the island as being a prime shopping destination, with many of its stores taking both pounds and euros.

Armagh Car Rental

Renting a car in Armagh will give the perfect opportunity to go exploring in Northern Ireland. Some of prime car rentals in Armagh include Armagh Car Hire, Craigavon Car Hire, Lurgan Car Hire, Newry Car Hire and Portadown Car Hire.

Golf County Armagh

Armagh has many excellent golf courses including Armagh, Lurgan and Portadown Golf Clubs offering top quality parkland golf.

Attractions Armagh Ireland

Armagh County Museum - Armagh

Located at The Mall, Armagh, the History of County Armagh is told here through military, archaeological, railway, costume and local historical collections. There's also an art gallery and temporary exhibition programme throughout the year. The railway collections feature the UR and GNR(I) lines that linked Armagh to Belfast and the rest of Ireland. Uniforms, badges, timetables, maps, and a model of the Bessbrook-Newry tram which carried coal, flax and finished linen are also on display. Photographs and posters recall the Clogher Valley Railway.

Gosford Forest Park - Armagh

Located at Markethill, Armagh, Gosford Castle is an example of mock-Norman architecture. This estate has associations with Dean Swift. Traditional breeds of poultry are kept in open paddocks, there's also a deerpark, walled garden and trails. There is a barbeque on site and also a cafe.

Palace Stables Heritage Centre - Armagh

Locted at Friary Road, Armagh, the Palace Stables Heritage Centre, set in the beautiful estate of an eighteenth century palace, provides a unique insight into the history of Georgian Armagh. Their award winning living history programme will whisk you back in time to the year 1786. Meet, observe and converse with characters from all walks of eighteenth century life. The Palace Stables is a superb venue for all the family, for an entertaining and educational day out.

Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum - Armagh

Located at The Mall East, Armagh, This museum tells the story of the regiment from 1793-1968. There is a large model of the capture of the Imperial French Eagle at the Battle of Barossa in 1811, and also militaria from the Armagh, Cavan and Monaghan militias.

Saint Patrick Trian - Armagh

Located at English Street, Armagh, this is an exciting visual presentation on the history of Armagh, the ancient capital of Ulster and ecclesiastical capital of Ireland since the fifth century. The dramatic exhibitions here are designed to educate and entertain. It is ideally suited for those interested in history, culture, genealogy, arts and crafts. Armagh Ancestry, one of the many visitor amenities, offers the visitor a genealogical service. There is also a small library for consultation and a comprehensive selection of books on genealogy, maps from the 1600s and heraldic products

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