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With its population of about 1,400, Ballybunion becomes a tourist draw in the summer months. Its sandy beaches are complemented by impressive cliffs, and walkers and bathers alike can enjoy the scenery. Beside the beach, you can enjoy a kelp seaweed bath.
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Information Ballybunion Ireland

Ballybunion Golf Course was founded in 1893 and an Internet search for the County Kerry town will inevitably bring up the club site. It is considered a world class links course. Ballybunion is also visited by dolphins from the sea and surfers from the land, with its sandy beaches a big draw for the surfers. The fact that it is on the Atlantic means that the waves are impressive enough to draw advanced surfing enthusiasts. A surf school was set up in 2004. Indeed, if you know an Irish surfer of any calibre, the chances are high that he or she has paid a visit to Ballybunion. In2009, Ballybunion hosted an All Ireland Coast Guard (Rescue) competition, which is held every year somewhere in Ireland by the local sea rescue division. Ballybunion was the first town to host the World Fleadh in 2006. It also hosts an annual bachelor competition a male pageant to find the most eligible international bachelor. A recently opened theatre seats more than five hundred and can show acts of local and national prominence. The town has the air of a resort to it, featuring as it does service industry businesses such as pubs and amusement arcades. Whether this is a good or a bad thing is in the eye of the beholder, although some have said that the town had more character before its beauties were widely known and exploited. Ballybunion also has a statue of former President Bill Clinton, the first statue of its kind of the president on public display in the world. The statue commemorates a golfing trip that Clinton took to Ballybunion.

Attractions Ballybunion Ireland

Ardfert Cathedral - Ardfert

A monastery was founded here by St. Brendan 'The Navigator' in the 6th century. There are three medieval churches, an ogham stone and a number of early Christian and medieval grave slabs on the site today. The earliest building is the cathedral which dates from the 12th - 17th centuries. It has a fine Romanesque west doorway, a magnificent 13th century east window and a spectacular row of nine lancets in the south wall. Two effigies of ecclesiastical figures of late 13th - early 14th century date are mounted on either side of the east window.

Carrigafoyle Castle - Ballylongford

Located 2 miles North of Ballylongford in the channel between the mainland and Carrig Island. Carrigafoyle has had a stormy history and, although wrecked by a series of bloody sieges, remains a remarkable castle. Cleverly located between the high- and low-water marks on the shore of the Shannon Estuary, it comprises a large tower built towards the end of the fifteenth century by the O'Connors of Kerry. The tower has five storeys rising to a height of 86 feet and is beautifully constructed of specially selected small stones laid in neat courses.

Coolwood Wildlife Sanctuary and Zoo - Coolcaslagh

Located at Coolcaslagh, about two miles from Killarney town. Situated on 50 acres, it is an ideal family venue with scenic walks, coffee shop, children's playground and the 3 acre children's zoo with a variety of exotic species

Crag Cave - Castleisland

Located at Castleisland, Crag cave is a colourful wonderland of stalactites and stalactmites. Discovered in 1983 and thought to be over a million years old, it is a natural all weather attraction. Crag Cave is an ancient fossil cave system, older than mankind itself, within which can be seen the natural forces that created the complex and beautiful passages.

Derrynane House, National Historic Park - Caherdaniel

Derrynane House is the ancestral home of Daniel O'Connell, lawyer, politician and statesman. Situated on 120 hectares of parklands on the scenic Kerry coast, the House displays many relics of O'Connell's life and career. Access for visitors with disabilities to ground floor