Dublin Castle and St Patrick's Cathedral Walking Tour


After journeying past a magnificent Georgian mansion, start your walking tour of Dublinís Catholic quarter via shopping side-streets and markets. Pass by the site of the world's first pneumatic tire factory, which stands on the site of a former Viking burial ground. Discover a historical medieval abbey- the final resting place of St Valentine - patron saint of all lovers, before venturing through a historic former 17th-18th century Huguenot region.

Wander past a modern apartment building which featured in scenes from Gulliver's Travels, to a lovely park laid out and paid for by the famous Guinness family. An ideal photo opportunity, take in the panoramic view of St Patrickís Cathedral from here. Walk the Literary Parade which highlights the pantheon of famous Dublin writers, including Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and James Joyce. Find out how the world-famous brewery of Guinness helped to lift this area form depressing slums into a reinvigorated community.

Visit the deanery, a police station housed in a one-time medieval archbishop's palace and Marsh's Library, Ireland's first public library (now believed to be haunted!). Finally, head into St Patrickís Cathedral before this afternoonís guided walk concludes. Founded by a Norman archbishop in the 12th century it is reputed to be the site where St Patrick baptized the people of the area in the 5th century.