West of Ireland Small Group Adventure Jeep Tour from Dublin (3 days)


If you only have three days to spare, and are looking for a great way to see Ireland, have a great time and enjoy some of the cleanest air in Europe, then take a three day adventure to the West of Ireland.

The West and North-West of Ireland contains some of the most stunning and undiscovered areas of the Country. Imagine a land of rugged mountains, spectacular beaches, wild moorland, dark mysterious lakes, hidden villages, rebel castles and thatched cottages. It is the perfect way to get away into the hidden corners Ireland.

This is not a bus tour, it is a 4X4 adventure. You will go off road and explore remote areas of outstanding beauty. Far beyond the reach of mortal tourists. There is loads of space, the seats are soft and comfy and you can open all the windows to let in the fresh air. You will never be without a barbecue and there is tea and coffee on board.

On this tour you will reach areas that are totally remote, rich in history and heritage, away from mainstream tourism and not in any guide book. The trips are informative, visiting some of Ireland's hidden historical treasures, finding out about the rich historical heritage and perfect for those visiting Ireland for the first time. Meet the locals and witness a traditional way of life that still survives today.

Tour Highlights:

  • Galway Bay's Atlantic coastline
  • Walk in the Connemara mountains
  • Amazing Atlantic sunsets
  • Great pubs and live music
  • Drive across the sand to an island
  • Stunning castles and legendary places
  • Drive through hidden valleys with dark, mysterious lakes
  • Have a BBQ, bonfire and play Gaelic football on the beach
  • Drive through hidden valleys with dark, mysterious lakes

These are just some of the possibilities, if you have any suggestions or requests let us know and we will try and organize something for you.