Dublin Traditional Irish House Party including Dinner and Show


Welcome to the party! A traditional Irish house party is the perfect introduction to Dublin, with great entertainment and a warm and friendly atmosphere. You'll enjoy good food, local musicians, storytellers and dancing on an evening out that's unlike any other you'll experience in Dublin.

Your house party is hosted in the intimate and comfortable setting of a family-owned Georgian building in the heart of Dublin's literary quarter a fitting setting for this famous Irish tradition. Far from the fake antiques and atmosphere of Dublin's many large refurbished 'Irish' pubs, you will be welcomed by your Fear an Ti (host) for an evening that promises to both entertain and educate.

No Irish house party is complete without a good meal beforehand and you will be served a delicious three-course Irish dinner. Once you have finished your meal, the music, singing and dancing begins.

The show is suitable for all ages, and families with children are welcome. You can take part in the entertainment as much as you like, or simply sit back in comfortable surroundings and enjoy:

  • A presentation about traditional music and Irish writers
  • A live traditional music session
  • storytelling
  • Learning a song in the Irish language with a songbook
  • Trying some simple Irish dancing
  • The house party piece, where you can perform something yourself!