Restaurants Galway

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Galway restaurants are famous all over Ireland for the choice of cuisine and quality of food offered. Dining out in Galway is not just for tourists. Many of the local restaurants depend on the local community for business. Galway city has a wonderful selection of international cuisine including Thai, Indian and Chinese. Given Galway’s University City status, there are also lots of fast food outlets serving pizza, burgers, kebabs, hot dogs and takeaway dishes to serve the large student population.

Oysters are a favourite delicacy among the people of Galway, but it’s even more important to the massive swathe of tourists that flock to the Bohemian city on Ireland’s west coast for the annual oyster festivals that celebrate the opening of the oyster harvesting season. Galway has capitalised on the festivals, which began in the 1950s. Activities include seafood banquets and oyster opening competitions. The Clarenbridge Oyster Festival and the International Galway Oyster Festival both take place in September of each year.